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Haven’t we been over this already? Trading one hick for another, the Vikings released John David Bo0ty of Shreveport, LA (where good people go to die©) and signed the (suspiciously?) zombie-like Favre.

I’m seriously when I say that we’re over it.

Partying: Still Handsome-Exhausting

Sam Ulin Sleeping on a Los Angeles City Bus

Our Handsome is wearing us out.

As discussed, this is exhausting.

Get a New Pair of Swim TRUNKS

Dr. Handsome and Pretty Handsome in their summer suits circa 2007

Dr. Handsome and Pretty Handsome in their summer suits circa 2007

…and spend money doing it. You wear your swimsuit when you’re already half naked (also known as “half Handsome” in some circles), so we think it’s important you put forth at least a touch of effort to find something that makes you look decent. It’s what women do with their suits ad infinitum, and what you do with all your other suits (work, formal, sweat, birthday), so why not bathing suits? The assumption is that you won’t wear it that often, that no one will care, or that it isn’t worth it.

WRONG. How long has it been since you got a new swimsuit? 3 years? 5 years? Longer? Are you using a random set of board shorts you found in the bag of a loaned surfboard, or an awful orange pair you got in sale one late October in Florida at a Wal-Mart that were the only ones you could find, but hey, $7-for-a-swimsuit is pretty good? (Dirty Handsome = guilty of both) (Read on …)

Summer: Jesus Man, Get it Together

Photographic evidence of summer anticipation

Photographic evidence of summer anticipation

Summer is right around the corner, and now is the time to get your self together. We’ll be posting a few things over the coming months to serve as a checklist of men’s fashion advice, grooming tips, and healthy steps to take to make sure you’re ready for summer. We will make this your Summer of Hansome.

Don’t trust us? Handsome Headquarters is in Southern California, where there are only two seasons: Summer and Summer Lite. We got to beach in January. We know our shit in this particular area.

Explanation of the picture after the jump. (Read on …)

Preakness 2009: Style and Swagger

Don't bring your weakness to the Preakness

Don't bring your weakness to the Preakness

We’re fortunate enough to have a fellow Association member who has a long running tradition of attending the Preakness Stakes every year at Pimlico near Baltimore and Washington DC. It’s a great weekend away: get drunk with your friends, scream at animals, and making money. Like any large event, the Preakness has a widely varied crowd from high style to low brow. We put together a pictures of few of our favorites from the Association, friends of the Association, and the crowd after the jump for you to enjoy. (Read on …)

Handsome Party: Handcake – the Revenge

Dirty Handsome and WASP-y Handsome get it done.

Dirty Handsome and WASP-y Handsome get it done.

You know you’re on to something when a running joke gets taken up by your friends… and they get their parents to go along with it. This was from the Handcake Party after the 2009 Preakness Stakes. To use the phrase incorrectly, this begs the question of the Preakness this year: what’s more important, the filly or the filling? (Read on …)

Dan Deacon Concert: Our Review

The high five circle that led to madness whirlpool

The high five circle that led to madness whirlpool

As we mentioned before, if you’re looking for some of the best party music of 2009, look no further than Dan Deacon’s new album Bromst. Can’t wait for the party music and desire the entire party experience to your self? Catch Dan Deacon on his 2009 tour in support of the album. Dirty Handsome caught Deacon’s stop in San Francisco while there on business a few weeks ago.

As with anything as Deep Hipster as a Dan Deacon concert, one must weigh the pros of the experience against the annoyance of being in the presence of so many hipsters at once. And we’re not talking your baseline “wow, getting coffee in Silver Lake/Williamsburg/[your local hipster neighborhood] is pretty annoying when I’m hungover. I swear to God if I see another “man” in skinny jeans I might scream” type of annoyance. We’re talking deep – VERY deep – hipster here: “I think I’ve been surrounded by some sort of emaciated self-rightesouly entitled species where everyone is trying very hard to look ugly on purpose and normal size/color glasses are completely unavailable” type of aggravation (and borderline disorientation).

In an effort to help you make an informed Handsome decision, a concise review of the pros and cons of our experience are below. Please peruse before making any rash decisions. (Read on …)

Sperry Topsiders – For the Permanently Vacating

Blood not included - but encouraged

Blood not included - but encouraged

Sperrys. Why worry about summer fashion for 2009, with 2010 right around the corner and nothing but the worst economic recession in 80 years looming in between? Besides, when it comes to the best men’s shoes, always go for the classics. Most men’s formal shoes can be used for a lifetime: you take care of them, you resole them, you only wear them when appropriate. Spending $300 on a pair of formal black cap toes or brown leather oxfords makes sense if you take care of them. They’re an investment.

On the other hand, your casual shoes can take a real beating: you wear them out dranking at night, trudge around the grass for outdoor summer events during the day, take them to the beach, toss them into weekend bags, and on and on.  Don’t let this discourage you. Your fashion summer is right around the corner, and you can do it for a reasonable price. (Read on …)

Some Updates to the Ole’ Big Handsome

In lieu of posting last week, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make some aesthetic updates to Big Handsome. The changes were more akin to slight upgrades than a full makeover – think getting a shirt tailored a touch and sporting some new collar stays as opposed to a brand new wardrobe. A lot of these changes are behind the scenes, but we think the aesthetic tweaks have made Big Handsome easier to read and look slightly more refined. In celebration, after the jump please find a picture of Dirty Handsome cooking bacon in the great outdoors: (Read on …)

Upcoming Party Jam Alert: Dan Deacon 3/24/09

Continuing our recent trend of providing you with only the best party music suggestions for 2009, we wanted to sound a Handsome Alarm that Dan Deacon will be releasing his second album Bromst on Carpark Recrods on March 24, 2009. Need a real party city alert? Deacon will be touring this spring across the States, eschewing his “traditional” one man show for a 15 person ensemble (see video above for his new song “Snookered”). Whatever the makeup of the touring band, we assure you that it will be the sweatiest, whitest, most ridiculously faux-ironic dance party to end all dance parties in your recent memory. Ever.

Disclaimer: when it comes to indie music artists, Dan Deacon is definitely on the fringe of our music tastes. The complicated rythyms, the modified squeal vocals, the variance from song to song, the invariably annoying crowds – it all confuses us a little bit. But the best indie music should challenge and reward you, and in this Deacon delivers. (Read on …)

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