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We’re Ready to Handsomely Reemerge

Monday, February 23rd, 2009
This is where Dirty Handsome works

Warning: this may consume your life

Our sincere apologies to all the Handsome faithful out there. While we were toiling away on building other beautiful (but less Handsome) websites, you were coming to visit, hoping to find something new to make your life just a little moreĀ  Handsome – a shining beacon in these dark times. Unfortunately, we were working hours that would have bought laughter to garment workers in Bangladesh and inspired mocking postcards from children working double shifts as diamond miners and child soldiers in central Africa. That saddens us, both that those things exist, and that we didn’t have a life.

Anyway – we’re back, and are aiming to have 100 posts by our one year anniversary in July. More posts to come on dapper items, party jams, and delicious food.