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Uniqlo – They Also Have a Robot

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Uniqlo NY Store in Soho

They probably have the color you're looking for

Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing store that Handsome considers to be the Japanese H&M – a huge retail store stocked with dirt cheap essentials from t-shirts to suits. We were turned to Uniqlo when GQ featured some of their jackets in an issue about 6 months ago. As much as we’d like to buy every great looking suit they feature from the likes of John Varvatos and others, we’re not exactly Old Man Moneybags. Seeing anything suit-like featured in GQ for under $500 warrants attention, and Uniqlo was added to our mental list of things to do whenever we went to New York next.

First and foremost – what is it with businesses that start with a ‘U’ and having some sort of robot on hand to do their dirty work? It’s still our Handsome opinion that these organizations have seriously underestimated the danger of these enslaved automatons acquiring lasers. It’s all down hill from there. (Read on …)

Ugo Wine Bar – They Have a Wine Robot

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The Wine Robot in Question

Most Los Angeles wine bars have a few endemic problems: patrons are being snobby about something they don’t know much about, the glasses of wine aren’t cheap enough to facilitate trying multiple wines you wouldn’y just pony up the $20 for, and there’s a distinct lack of robots. Ugo Wine Bar solves at least the latter of the issues but employing (enslaving?) an Enomatic wine dispensing robot.

The Enomatic is a machine that allows you to pour perfectly measured tastes (NOT glasses) of wine from an array of bottles. (Read on …)