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Dan Deacon Concert: Our Review

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
The high five circle that led to madness whirlpool

The high five circle that led to madness whirlpool

As we mentioned before, if you’re looking for some of the best party music of 2009, look no further than Dan Deacon’s new album Bromst. Can’t wait for the party music and desire the entire party experience to your self? Catch Dan Deacon on his 2009 tour in support of the album. Dirty Handsome caught Deacon’s stop in San Francisco while there on business a few weeks ago.

As with anything as Deep Hipster as a Dan Deacon concert, one must weigh the pros of the experience against the annoyance of being in the presence of so many hipsters at once. And we’re not talking your baseline “wow, getting coffee in Silver Lake/Williamsburg/[your local hipster neighborhood] is pretty annoying when I’m hungover. I swear to God if I see another “man” in skinny jeans I might scream” type of annoyance. We’re talking deep – VERY deep – hipster here: “I think I’ve been surrounded by some sort of emaciated self-rightesouly entitled species where everyone is trying very hard to look ugly on purpose and normal size/color glasses are completely unavailable” type of aggravation (and borderline disorientation).

In an effort to help you make an informed Handsome decision, a concise review of the pros and cons of our experience are below. Please peruse before making any rash decisions. (Read on …)

Upcoming Party Jam Alert: Dan Deacon 3/24/09

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Continuing our recent trend of providing you with only the best party music suggestions for 2009, we wanted to sound a Handsome Alarm that Dan Deacon will be releasing his second album Bromst on Carpark Recrods on March 24, 2009. Need a real party city alert? Deacon will be touring this spring across the States, eschewing his “traditional” one man show for a 15 person ensemble (see video above for his new song “Snookered”). Whatever the makeup of the touring band, we assure you that it will be the sweatiest, whitest, most ridiculously faux-ironic dance party to end all dance parties in your recent memory. Ever.

Disclaimer: when it comes to indie music artists, Dan Deacon is definitely on the fringe of our music tastes. The complicated rythyms, the modified squeal vocals, the variance from song to song, the invariably annoying crowds – it all confuses us a little bit. But the best indie music should challenge and reward you, and in this Deacon delivers. (Read on …)