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Welcome to Handsome – The First Post

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Welcome to Big Handsome – The Official Blog of the Handsome Association.  Some time ago in a drunken, arrogant haze we decided that we would be The Handsome Association; in doing so we cemented three key principles:

  1. Going forward we would always refer to ourselves as the Handsome Assocation, and never something pedestrian like ‘my group of guy friends’
  2. We would refer to the Association as much as possible to irritate members’ girlfriends (should they have or keep them at all)
  3. We would slowly work on a vernacular and doctrine that is evolving into the blog you’re reading today

Henceforth, we set out into the world of Los Angeles and beyond to live as gentlemen, to better ourselves, to explore, and to run down all haters at any given costs. Posts will be divided into categories: (Read on …)