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Broken Social Scene Continues to Handsomely Rock Our World

Friday, August 8th, 2008
"Please remember your homework on Monday" - Prof. Canning

"Please remember your homework on Monday" - Prof. Canning

Broken Social Scene‘s Brendan Canning’s “Something For All of Us” is the second album in Broken Social Scene’s ongoing series of letting one of their near three million members take the lead on their own album. Their first try, Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew’s “Spirit If…“, was an excellent foray into loud, erratic, uneven, completely phenomenal Dinosaur Jr. homage (or Dinosaur Jr. partnership in the case of the single “Backed Out on the…”).  Something For All of Us is more even, a little quieter, put together – but not overproduced – completely phenomenal Dinosaur Jr. homage. Also awesome? Brendan Canning looks like a washed up community college professor.

The first single, “Hit the Wall” (video after the jump) is a solid song that begins to creep up on you after a view listenings when you realize the key change after minute three rocks your goddamned balls off. (Read on …)