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Upcoming Party Jam Alert: Dan Deacon 3/24/09

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Continuing our recent trend of providing you with only the best party music suggestions for 2009, we wanted to sound a Handsome Alarm that Dan Deacon will be releasing his second album Bromst on Carpark Recrods on March 24, 2009. Need a real party city alert? Deacon will be touring this spring across the States, eschewing his “traditional” one man show for a 15 person ensemble (see video above for his new song “Snookered”). Whatever the makeup of the touring band, we assure you that it will be the sweatiest, whitest, most ridiculously faux-ironic dance party to end all dance parties in your recent memory. Ever.

Disclaimer: when it comes to indie music artists, Dan Deacon is definitely on the fringe of our music tastes. The complicated rythyms, the modified squeal vocals, the variance from song to song, the invariably annoying crowds – it all confuses us a little bit. But the best indie music should challenge and reward you, and in this Deacon delivers. (Read on …)

Jams: They’re a Ladies Band Named after Pickpockets

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Sometimes as the party winds down (or winds up…), you need some tempered  jams like School of Seven Bells’s late 2008 release “Alpinisms” – top indie music that has a softer side that won’t drown conversation or overwhelm mood while keeping the smiles coming. Key to this borderline-oblique subgenre of party city is synthesizer-heavy indie pop categorized by the indie rock media’s endless attempts to adjectivize it:” dream-pop,” “guitar-led ambiance,” ” insidiously catchy,” “amalgams of progressive soundscapes” and so forth. Feel free to file this subset of indie music under “Brooklyn’s Necessary Evil.”

If you’re stuck on the internet searching for perpetually hopeless terms like “best indie music” for just this type of occasion, look no further than the School of Seven Bells single ‘”Half Asleep.” (Read on …)

Enjoy Animal Collective NOW

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Party music, and we mean a song that creates instant party city, is few and far between. The Animal Collective’s single “My Girls” from their new album Merriweather Post Pavilion is instant dance party, the first party music of 2009. “My Girls” demonstrates that the lyrics Animal Collective dream up have a pop accessibility that makes the more difficult end of  electroindiedance-for-real-we’re-indie-but-dancing-and-gentrifying-neighborhoods music just edible enough for the mainstream consumption. What it lacks in the raw power department of jam anthems like Animal Collective pal Dan Deacom’s “Crystal Cat” (more on this later) it makes up for in versatility.

Our recommendation – run out and enjoy the music immediately before commercial radio or popular culture (or advertising) ruins it for everyone. By Easter, you will hate this song. (Read on …)

Sunset Junction – Our Jams Preview

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

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Sunset Junction, the annual street fair in Silver Lake bringing together indie rock bands, Bugaboo traffic, and men on leashes, is just around the corner (of a confusing 5 way Silver Lake intersections). We’ll be blogging and tweeting from the festival. Below are our music recommendations for the festival… (Read on …)

Broken Social Scene Continues to Handsomely Rock Our World

Friday, August 8th, 2008
"Please remember your homework on Monday" - Prof. Canning

"Please remember your homework on Monday" - Prof. Canning

Broken Social Scene‘s Brendan Canning’s “Something For All of Us” is the second album in Broken Social Scene’s ongoing series of letting one of their near three million members take the lead on their own album. Their first try, Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew’s “Spirit If…“, was an excellent foray into loud, erratic, uneven, completely phenomenal Dinosaur Jr. homage (or Dinosaur Jr. partnership in the case of the single “Backed Out on the…”).  Something For All of Us is more even, a little quieter, put together – but not overproduced – completely phenomenal Dinosaur Jr. homage. Also awesome? Brendan Canning looks like a washed up community college professor.

The first single, “Hit the Wall” (video after the jump) is a solid song that begins to creep up on you after a view listenings when you realize the key change after minute three rocks your goddamned balls off. (Read on …)

Welcome to Handsome – The First Post

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Welcome to Big Handsome – The Official Blog of the Handsome Association.  Some time ago in a drunken, arrogant haze we decided that we would be The Handsome Association; in doing so we cemented three key principles:

  1. Going forward we would always refer to ourselves as the Handsome Assocation, and never something pedestrian like ‘my group of guy friends’
  2. We would refer to the Association as much as possible to irritate members’ girlfriends (should they have or keep them at all)
  3. We would slowly work on a vernacular and doctrine that is evolving into the blog you’re reading today

Henceforth, we set out into the world of Los Angeles and beyond to live as gentlemen, to better ourselves, to explore, and to run down all haters at any given costs. Posts will be divided into categories: (Read on …)