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About the Association

The Handsome Association isn’t so much an official organization as it is a way of life. We strive to live our lives to their Handsomest and post information here encouraging you to do the same. Handsome HQ is in Los Angeles, but from time to time we may post from elsewhere as we certainly hold no absolute monopoly (or monarchy) on Handsome.

Our main area of focus is men’s style, music, and food – and how all of these things can make your life a little more Handsome. And when you’re Handsome, the people around you notice, and their lives get better. It’s the first transitive property of Handsome – look it up.

For more information about the Association’s origins, check out our first post here.

ed – Apologies to anyone who had commented on the original ‘about us’ page. We’re not entirely sure what happened to it, so we’re starting from scratch.

About the Handsome Association Fried Turkey

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