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Summer: Jesus Man, Get it Together

Photographic evidence of summer anticipation

Photographic evidence of summer anticipation

Summer is right around the corner, and now is the time to get your self together. We’ll be posting a few things over the coming months to serve as a checklist of men’s fashion advice, grooming tips, and healthy steps to take to make sure you’re ready for summer. We will make this your Summer of Hansome.

Don’t trust us? Handsome Headquarters is in Southern California, where there are only two seasons: Summer and Summer Lite. We got to beach in January. We know our shit in this particular area.

Explanation of the picture after the jump.You seriously doubted that the picture was in anticipation of summer 2009? This was taken the weekend before Memorial Day in Washington DC, one of the most patriotic and summer loving cities this fine nation has to offer. Notes:

  • To hell with the last throes of spring, we were so ready for summer we were out on the porch with the barbeque grill
  • That’s sparkling shiraz in our hands, one of the penultimate summer beverages… that’s right, so awesome that it’s adjective includes a prefix that indicates its ultimate like twice or thirty goddamn times.
  • Think that Blackberry in our hand is a sign that we’re lame corporate sellouts? Not at all (the slacks on a Sunday are a sign we’re lame corporate sellouts). That is a sign we’re prepping our thumbs for playing hooky -  the inevitable July summer “cold” where we work on our constitution at the beach, all while replying to email so we don’t get too far behind. That’s practicing Advanced Handsome.
  • This is an away game – everyone knows Handsome HQ is in Los Angeles. Travel during the summer is mandatory, and seeing old friends makes it twice the delight.

That is all. Keep a lookout for more Summer of Handsome updates just around the bend.

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