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Handsome Party: Handcake – the Revenge

Dirty Handsome and WASP-y Handsome get it done.

Dirty Handsome and WASP-y Handsome get it done.

You know you’re on to something when a running joke gets taken up by your friends… and they get their parents to go along with it. This was from the Handcake Party after the 2009 Preakness Stakes. To use the phrase incorrectly, this begs the question of the Preakness this year: what’s more important, the filly or the filling?

The definition of anticipation

The definition of anticipation

To learn about the origins and proper execution of a Handcake Party, click here.

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  1. eeyun posted on June 3, 2009:

    Is a “no-hands cake party” next?

  2. Dirty Handsome posted on June 4, 2009:

    No: Facecake Party, not to be confused with the face cake from Scrubs.

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