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Sperry Topsiders – For the Permanently Vacating

Blood not included - but encouraged

Blood not included - but encouraged

Sperrys. Why worry about summer fashion for 2009, with 2010 right around the corner and nothing but the worst economic recession in 80 years looming in between? Besides, when it comes to the best men’s shoes, always go for the classics. Most men’s formal shoes can be used for a lifetime: you take care of them, you resole them, you only wear them when appropriate. Spending $300 on a pair of formal black cap toes or brown leather oxfords makes sense if you take care of them. They’re an investment.

On the other hand, your casual shoes can take a real beating: you wear them out dranking at night, trudge around the grass for outdoor summer events during the day, take them to the beach, toss them into weekend bags, and on and on.  Don’t let this discourage you. Your fashion summer is right around the corner, and you can do it for a reasonable price.

Sperry boat shoes are classic kicks in the East Coast style. Personally, we recommend the Sperry Topsider Stiper. We think the distinguishing feature is the salt weathered canvas exterior. It looks worn enough to not need constant attention from the dust, beer, and blood you pick up cruising around the summer, especially with a coating of spray shoe protector. They’ll look spic-n-span for a few months, then once the coating fades you can let the natural shoe degradation process Handsomely take its course. We’re also fans of the thick laces and the surprisingly comfortable gel insolse. Seriously, we can’t stress how cushy these old man shoes really are.

We know what you’re thinking, but restrain yourself. The classic leather boat shoes Sperry makes are classic enough for most to pull off, but skip them in a nod to your youth and a snuff to the faux country club crowd in a suburban Texan town. Want to take the look to the next level of casual? Check out the Striper slip-ons.

Best of all? Sperry’s entire product line is under $100. You’ll float the the Recession Summer in high style.

If its good enough to get you boned by Maryln Monroe, its good enough for all of us.

Boat Shoe Theory: If it's good enough to get you in bed with Maryln Monroe, it's good enough for all of us.

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