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Some Updates to the Ole’ Big Handsome

In lieu of posting last week, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make some aesthetic updates to Big Handsome. The changes were more akin to slight upgrades than a full makeover – think getting a shirt tailored a touch and sporting some new collar stays as opposed to a brand new wardrobe. A lot of these changes are behind the scenes, but we think the aesthetic tweaks have made Big Handsome easier to read and look slightly more refined. In celebration, after the jump please find a picture of Dirty Handsome cooking bacon in the great outdoors:

Sell the sizzle

Sell the sizzle

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  1. cdw posted on March 15, 2009:

    Handsome bacon. Handsome campsite. Handsome tree namesake.

  2. Juan posted on March 15, 2009:

    J Tree! Bacon!

  3. eeyun posted on March 16, 2009:

    Oooh roundy bits! Lookin’ good handsome.

  4. jkwh posted on March 17, 2009:

    State government strikes again! Big Handsome is definitely blocked at the capitol now. Grrr. Now I have to stalk you from home.

  5. sarah posted on March 17, 2009:

    let’s all go camping! i have spring break next week…

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