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Enjoy Animal Collective NOW

Party music, and we mean a song that creates instant party city, is few and far between. The Animal Collective’s single “My Girls” from their new album Merriweather Post Pavilion is instant dance party, the first party music of 2009. “My Girls” demonstrates that the lyrics Animal Collective dream up have a pop accessibility that makes the more difficult end of  electroindiedance-for-real-we’re-indie-but-dancing-and-gentrifying-neighborhoods music just edible enough for the mainstream consumption. What it lacks in the raw power department of jam anthems like Animal Collective pal Dan Deacom’s “Crystal Cat” (more on this later) it makes up for in versatility.

Our recommendation – run out and enjoy the music immediately before commercial radio or popular culture (or advertising) ruins it for everyone. By Easter, you will hate this song. Think we’re kidding? Think about the best party music 2008 or party music 2007 – it’s ruined. Case and point – the only thing that saved MIA’s “Paper Planes” was a tastefully remixed appearance in Oscar front runner Slumdog Millionaire. When you first heard “Paper Planes” you were Crazy in Love, but just two months later you were so tired of “Paper Planes” if you heard it again (inevitably on your town’s adult contemporary or classic rock station) you’d punch someone, anyone. We all deserved it at that point. Think we’re kidding? MGMT. Need more? “Hey Ya.” Yeah, we went there.

Enjoy it now while the fun lasts. Animal Collective MySpace Page

Merriweather Post Pavilion – available on Amazon, DRM-ree

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  1. jkwh posted on January 26, 2009:


  2. Bret posted on January 30, 2009:

    Your tags are almost as long as the post!

    Not since that Junior Senior song have I wanted to dance so much upon the first listen of a song. I think, though, that it can’t TRULY be an instant party song with such a long buildup before the dancing juices start flowin’.

  3. sarah posted on February 19, 2009:

    would you be interested in a baked goods/songs you’ve recently tired of mix cd swap? because i’m mostly not embarassed to admit that (with the exception of hey ya) i would like to listen to all of the things that you have listed above. please advise.

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