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Entertaining: Handcake Party



For our next Handsome party tip and trick, we’d like to introduce to the Handsome faithful: The Handcake Party. As themed party ideas go, Handcake Party is almost elegant in its simplicity. So easy in fact, you can turn any simple get together into party city with handcake (the best party food idea). Handcake Party works as a 1st birthday idea, a sweet sixteen party, a bachelorette party, or a retirement party idea. All hail the handcake party.

The idea originated from a tradition Dirty Handsome’s brothers have each New Year’s Eve wherein they trek the 30 minutes in to town from the old family home to the grocery store. From there, you simply ask the bakery stooges to make a sheet cake that says “Handcake Party” on it. Once you’ve plowed through a few easy drinking games, simply bust out the cake and have everyone eat it sans utensils. Feel like kicking it up a notch? Decorate your own handcake and make it from a novelty batter like red velvet or funfetti.

Easy enough, but what is the real joy of a handcake party? The real joy is the fact that at any moment you can turn any lame occasion with a cake into a Handcake Party. How? By your unparalleled sheer force of Handsome will. Planning a Handcake Party is fine enough as your guests are certain to wait with baited breath until the handcake’s unveiling. However, if you ever find yourself at a gathering that’s dragging (like, you know, a wedding for instance) slide yourself up to the cake, ask coyly to your adoring public “is this handcake?”, and immediately begin the Handcake Party in earnest. What was not now is.

You have to sell it. You have to own it. In the end, everyone will remember that they attended a great Handcake Party (wedding?).

Yes, this is Handcake Party

Yes, this is Handcake

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  1. Debbie Downer posted on January 21, 2009:

    I think it is proper etiquette to have a Handwash Party immediately followed by a Handcake Party, then finally a Handcake Handwash after-party.

  2. Dirty Girl posted on January 21, 2009:

    No handwashing–everyone going at the cake covered in their respective residue/germs/leftover bodily fluids makes the Handcake Party all the more exciting–if you come away with no diseases, hooray for you!

    Dirctions for Handcake Handwash after-party:
    Step 1 – Stick hand in mouth.
    Step 2 – Lick.

    Take it from someone who was there when handcake originated–hopefully you’ll be too inebriated to remember how the cake got into your mouth, but oh, you won’t forget the joy.

    Another fun tip–handcake it into a friend’s mouth. Watch out for biting!

  3. Handcake Queen posted on January 21, 2009:

    Handwashing Party sounds lame. It’s best with NO prep!!!

  4. Best Party Foods Preakness 2009 - Handcake Party | Big Handsome posted on June 2, 2009:

    [...] learn about the origins and proper execution of a Handcake Party, click here. [...]

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