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Entertaining: Gold Medal in Ice Luge

Having attended several parties, soirees, and get togethers over the holidays, we endeavor in January to provide you with some entertaining tips and tricks.

Art imitates life... if you've had enough to drink

Art imitates life... if you've had enough to drink

The ice luge – few party gimmicks compare in versatility, novelty, and brutal effectiveness. Need an easy drinking game? Themed party ideas? The ice luge is party city. The setup is simple: go wholesale and buy one piece of block ice. Cut a slight incline in the block ice using a chisel, chainsaw, or similar. Carve one chute from the top to the bototm of the incline. For an extra Handsome time, carve two similar chutes and hold races with your fellow party goers. Buy booze. That’s it – one of the best drinking games is at your disposal. Booze at the top becomes ice cold by the time it reaches your mouth at the bottom.

At first blush (trust me, someone will be blushing), this doesn’t seem like the classiest way to get a party going. Admittedly, the game first originated running shots of the tailgate of a pickup at either an SEC football game or a horse race. The preparation, the novelty, and some thoughtful display touches make the ice luge a wonderful compliment to any party. Don’t think so? The picture above is from one the fanciest, well-to-do holidays parties held in California. The ice block’s non-committal, even threatening, presence help attendees warm to its presence while early cocktails warm them to a nostalgic ride down the luge.

Beirut and beer pong require long tables and a great deal of space. Kings cup is an entertaining jaunt, but commands the attendtion of nearly the entire party and has a myriad of rules. Caps is a drinking sport that shouldn’t be mixed with pithy drinking games. Conversely, the ice luge is simple, useful (you can use the remnants to make drinks), non-imposing, portable, and a raucous good time.

So take a walk on the wild side. Whether you’re throwing a small birthday party or need something to spice up a blowout, ride the ice luge.

Off to the races

Off to the races

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  1. sarah posted on January 9, 2009:

    i love that picture. and you people.

  2. pjk posted on January 9, 2009:

    Next up: Wizard Staff!

  3. Juan posted on January 9, 2009:

    Why limit ice luge drinking to hard alcohol. My next party will have a Eiswein Ice Luge. Ice on Ice. Beat that.

  4. Nick posted on January 9, 2009:

    Ok…so the picture is awesome! Not to mention a classy article in to what could totally trash up a party!
    You did forget to mention that if you are a poor chap you could build your own on a smaller scale in your own freezer! How about that idea for a money saving tip!

  5. Emily posted on January 21, 2009:

    Where can I get a block of ice like that?

  6. Dirty Handsome posted on January 25, 2009:

    Hola to our friends at Occidental College – two of the five members of the association are Pomona alums. Great minds think alike.

    In the LA area try any restaurant supply or liquor store. We’re particularly fond of Ramirez Liquor just over the bridge in East LA. They have EVERYTHING.

  7. luigi posted on July 17, 2009:

    In my area, you can get them at the same place that provides the bagged ice to stores. Just look at the bag and do a search for that company in your area.

  8. Dirty Handsome posted on July 20, 2009:

    Very Handsome tip – thanks Luigi!

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