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Handsome is Back – Like Sexy, but Better

Man Snacks, for Men

Man Snacks, for Men

We’re back after a sizeable hiatus to see our family in Louisiana in honor of great religious holidays like Christmas and the Great Depression 2009. To hell with our detractors, we’re ready to make your 2009 as handsome as possible.

To kick things off, after recommending a trio of Handsome gifts we wanted to share one of the many excellent gifts received from our family and friends. I’m a handsome man, and I deserve some man snackies goddamnit. To that end, a dear friend gave us some odd Japanese snacks designed not just for anyone – but for men. Pizza, burgers, pot roast? Fuck no. We’re talking about chocolate dipped pretzel wonders called pocky. And not just any pocky – MEN’S POCKY. Throw in some Beer Pretz and some strange Men’s candies/lozenges/ruffies and you’ve got a funny, tasty, and poignant gift. Yeah I said it, it’s poignant.

Happy New Year!

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  1. eeyun posted on January 7, 2009:

    Any handsome recommendations on a man drink to couple these manish snacks with? Sparkling sake? 1L (~40oz) cans of Asahi?

  2. cdw posted on January 7, 2009:

    “There will be snacks there will… be… snacks.”
    Andrew Bird. Tables and Chairs.

  3. jkwh posted on January 7, 2009:

    Not sure about drinks, but they should definitely be followed by a tri-tip sandwich on Men’s Bread.

  4. Bret posted on January 14, 2009:

    This will definitely aid my my new year’s resolution to “become more handsome by the hour.” In fact, this entire blog aids me in this. Thank you, big handsome. or as they sayh in France, Grand Beau. Or in Russian, Bolshoy Krasuvuy.

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