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Handsome Recommends: Passport External Drives

Stack 'em and Rack 'em

Stack em and Rack em

Handsome Reommends: the 500GB Passport External Drive. Oddly enough/because of the increasing amount of data we carry around, external drives are becoming a necessary Handsome accessory. We recommend this Western Digital harddrive becuase of its reasonable price and good experience we’ve had with this particular usb harddrive and an older version that’s been powering our jams for nearly 3 years without complaint. Who knows if it’s the best external harddrive out there – it’s been working for us and that should be Handsome enough for your significantly less-good-looking lives.

Because of the prevalance of toting around digital media and falling prices, Dirty Handsome predicts that the mac external drives will be the breakout Christmas gift of 2008. Still need convincing? Some very Handsome uses:

  • Time Machine drive – keep everything safe and sound for when something awful happens like airport security zaps your laptop or a bourbon-while-blogging spill.
  • You can take it with you (and rock the fuck out) – even with a 160gb harddrive in your laptop you might have a tough time balancing hefty work files, your iPhoto library, your iTunes music, your iSoul contract with Steve Jobs, etc. The Passport drive is slim enough to travel with.
  • Sending you some digital love – not the finger kind, the artsy kind. Buy one and load it up with the Handsomest media you have then send to a friend as a gift. It’s a nice personal touch in this touchless digital age.

The one we linked to is ‘midnight black’ – just like we like our coffee and men, but the drives come in a variety of tasteful colors to keep your desk and luggage coordinated appropriately.

500GB Passport Drive at Amazon

320GB Passport Drive at Amazon

160GB Passport Drive at Amazon (*bonus – on sale for less than $70)

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