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Handsome Recommends: The Modern Gentleman

One guide for each gentlemen

One guide for each gentlemen

Handsome recommends: The Modern Gentleman. Girls Ladies, when it comes to Christmas gift ideas, nothing could be a better idea than giving your man some goddamned common sense. This doesn’t come easy, but in lieu of him finally seeing the light, this Christmas Handsome recommends the one of our best Christmas Gifts, The Modern Gentleman by Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesuaro.

This book is a great guide to navigating the increasingly blurred line between overly-casulized American society and coming off like a complete dick to everyone you know. Written in 2002, it has enough insight into things like email to be helpful without going into the worthless minutae of things like ‘Facebook etiquette*.’ Important skills ever gent should know include:

  • Jukebox technique, including the spiteful ‘Nine Inch Nailing’
  • Flaskmanship
  • Dating and marriage – a style that’s flexible but also classy and true
  • Appreciating jazz and music without being over the top

All in all, the book is helpful for splitting the difference every true gentlemen knows well: behaving everywhere you must so you can do anything you want. Be honest, be cultured, and be devious when necessary (which is always).

The Modern Gentleman – $11 at Amazon

* Facebook etiquette? Seriously? Look, unless you’re about to marry a broad, do NOT become Facebook friends with her. You’re totally asking to get caught in the act of lord knows what. It’s bad enough your friends have the ability to upload and tag all manners of embarssing photos and information about you. Etiquette? You want etiquette? Avoid Facebook while dating.

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  1. Dr. Handsome posted on December 6, 2008:

    “Appreciating jazz and music without being over the top”

    WARNING: This advice not followed by 60% of the Association.

  2. cdw posted on December 9, 2008:

    Is veiled misogyny a Handsome trait? Why is it that you get “gentleman” and we get stuck with “girls” and “broad”?

    Might you consider the use of lady, woman or even gentlewoman?

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