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No Huddle Offense – Thanksgiving is Soon

Prepare to meet/brine your enemy

Prepare to meet/brine your enemy

Handsome faithful take note: Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Handsome Preparations need to be made immediately! For end-to-end instructions on our Cajun injection Thanksgiving turkey recipe and frying method, check our Big Handsome’s report from Sunset Junction here. In the meantime, time is ticking, so get your act together by doing the following:

  • First and foremost – buy a turkey, damnit! They get scarce as the holiday approaches. Furthermore, turkeys are best this time of year because it’s easy to get a fresh (even free range) bird. These are far tastier than their frozen comrades, and much safer since they’ve never been frozen, so no need to worry about making certain it’s defrosted.
  • Consider getting a backup bird. If you screw up baking a turkey you’re boned, but if something goes awry with the fry, you’re only out another 45 minutes. If all goes well? You’ve got tasty leftovers for all the football and basketball over the weekend.
  • While you’re out shopping, be sure to refill your propane tank and grab peanut oil. Heaven forbid you get to the moment of reckoning only to find your propane tank is empty and you don’t have enough oil.
  • Remember you can clean, inject, and brine in advance. A little work now means less stress later.
  • If you can’t get your hands on a branded “injectable” marinade, remember that “injectable” isn’t just a shitty branding ploy – it isn’t even a word. Use a favorite sauce thinned with some salt water or a favorite salad dressing. Be sure to strain the latter in case there are any particles that could foul your injecting needle.
  • If you’re a rookie, Friday is the last day to safely order an outdoor cooking set.Order now so you have enough time to assemble and test it before the in-laws arrive.

Good luck! Send us your stories and photos from your Handsome fry. Stay tuned for more tips as the holidays near. We’ll be dropping three birds this year and are very much looking forward to it.

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