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A Very Handsome Halloween

Political costumes were popular this year - a toast to the passing of Prop 2

Political costumes were popular - a toast to the passing of Prop 2

We’re catching up on a few things here at Handsome HQ and finally downloaded our pictures from Halloween night at the “parade” in West Hollywood. While some folks think that Halloween is something of a singularity amongst other evenings, we Handsomely believe that it’s a lot like every other night in Los Angeles: everyone is wearing a stupid outfit that they believe is clever, everyone is out to not-so-secretly gawk at everyone else’s stupid outfit, and somehow everyone still manages to look great in that shallowish Southern California way.

A great number of people in town work in creative industries, work in “the industry” and have access to pro costumes, or are desperate to be in “the industry” and use the night to display just how much they are truly attention whores. This perfect storm of talent, resources, and vanity combines to make some very elaborate, thoughtful, and interesting costumes. Throw in alcohol, transvestites, and loud music and you have quite a party. After the jump we breakdown a few fun scenarios and include gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Ready and willing

Ready and willing

As per usual, there were throngs of women dressed as sexy [noun] or dirty [profession]. These throngs tend to travel in packs like wild, scantily clad hunters looking for lord knows what. While these costumes are rarely “creative,” they tend to be crowdpleasers, even in West Hollywood. The traveling throngs spend most of the evening soaking up cat calls and taking pictures with random strangers so they can have very necessary slideshow reviews with their other slutty [animal] friends. “Hey, remember that time we all dressed like tramps and met random guys in costume? That was SO awesome.”

Which cop costume is more authentic?

Which cop costume is more authentic?

Amidst all the traveling roadshow costumes there a few scenes worthy of note. For example, there was a large pack of large gay men in 60′s gogo-cum-stewardess outfits cruising Santa Monica Blvd with very authentic looking airline beverage carts handing out treats to their followers. Speaking of authentic, check out the gentleman in the photo above taking advantage of the de facto “take pictures with random attractive strangers” motif of the evening. Does his cop costume seem very put together? It’s that way because the man is ACTUALLY on duty with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office. He took a brief break from his duties (he was honestly doing a great job) maintaining the peace to take a picture with his camera of him and what appears to be “dirty cop” and a “sexy devil.” Touchdown.

All in all, we recommend throwing at least something together and walking the boulevard for Halloween 2009 to check out everyone’s hard work put to good, debacherous use. Check out the gallery below for some fun times:

  • Colleagues as bees and beekeeper
  • WASP-y Handsome (and the future Mrs WASP-y Handsome – get it together!) as very convincing Battlestar Gallactica pilots. At least 5 different nerds requested pictures with them, and after a 2 year quest also found a Cylon. The author hasn’t been trusted with the DVDs to watch the show, but this is apparently very significant.
  • Elaborate carnival type costumes on a woman and transvestite taking a picture with a young child, per the parents’ request
  • A roving band of troublesome Teletubbies

A beekeeper tends to his honey WASP-y Handsome and his fine Battlestar lady Nothing says party like a 6 year old with a cross dresser

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