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Handsome Recommends: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

See 'Handsome Party' for Pictures as Such

It gets worse/funnier than this

Handsome Recommends: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max. Hell is a collection of stories about a collection of wild, debased, yet somehow relatable stories about one man’s quest to fulfill his only whims at the total expense of everything and everyone else. While we were never readers of the website that started it all, Hell tops our list of funny books.

We spend a great deal of time commuting to and from Handsome Headquarters and need something to keep us busy if we take transit, like furious Blackberry emailing or the aforementioned humorous books. I know what you’re thinking: what’s Handsome about a bunch of borderline porn stories told by a drunk, self-serving asshole? First and foremost, lighten up; Tucker’s stories are completely hilarious and perfect for plane/bus/train rides. Second, we’ve all had our un-handsome moments like:

  • Unintentionally ruining a good friend’s birthday party… in front of his parents and future in-laws to boot
  • Coercing a table of minors to make you a napkin hat, which you wear while screaming and chugging beers through dinner, then promptly wear home as a souvenir.
  • Taking a taxi through a drive-thru, then realizing upon returning home you ordered a “Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken” (35g of fat per sandwich, for those keeping count at home). And not just the ‘wich, the meal.

To think: these are some of Handsome’s tamer un-handsome moment’s, as we think Dirty Handsome’s mom is starting to read BH pretty regularly. The point is, we all have moments where we wake up knowing we’ve been completely over the line and felt (slightly?) remorseful about our behavior. Reading Hell is reassuring because afterward you know that you are in no way the worst person on earth. Tucker Max probably is. And that’s part of the point – we shouldn’t feel ashamed of ourselves for moments like these, you know, unless you’re a pathetic weakling.

We all make mistakes, we all get ahead of ourselves, and we all make mistakes. See? I typed ‘mistakes’ twice (by mistake), but I’m going to let it go because it’s late and I’m so smug I’ll live with a typo knowing that my native genius is so powerful even my mistakes prove my own points. Anyway, sometimes working a very Handsome 60-80 hour week will get you so wound up you get into erase mode for the weekend. Before you know if, you’ve gotten too hot too quick and start rolling some blank tape. So long as these occasions are rare (enough), take a little advice from Tucker Max and live it up.

Side note: They’re turning I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell into a movie by the same name. While I’m assuming any Tucker Max movie will be pretty funny, we strongly recommend reading the book. Sure, toting around Ulysses will make you feel awfully important, but it’s nice to lose yourself in a book that isn’t complicated, depressing, or dense – even if it’s just every once in a while.

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