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Uniqlo – They Also Have a Robot

Uniqlo NY Store in Soho

They probably have the color you're looking for

Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing store that Handsome considers to be the Japanese H&M – a huge retail store stocked with dirt cheap essentials from t-shirts to suits. We were turned to Uniqlo when GQ featured some of their jackets in an issue about 6 months ago. As much as we’d like to buy every great looking suit they feature from the likes of John Varvatos and others, we’re not exactly Old Man Moneybags. Seeing anything suit-like featured in GQ for under $500 warrants attention, and Uniqlo was added to our mental list of things to do whenever we went to New York next.

First and foremost – what is it with businesses that start with a ‘U’ and having some sort of robot on hand to do their dirty work? It’s still our Handsome opinion that these organizations have seriously underestimated the danger of these enslaved automatons acquiring lasers. It’s all down hill from there.

The Uniqlo robot was built by Mitsubishi to exemplify polite human interaction. We had a great time asking it what it’s name was, and what time it was. Similarly, we’re not entirely sure why you couldn’t simply check your phone for the time and avoid a costly robot all together, but having a machine-slave on hand made the place feel more Japanese-y.

In addition to the variety and price, one of the best things about Uniqlo is the fit of the clothes. Dress shirts didn’t fit like blouses and sweaters didn’t fit like blankets. Throw in a Merino wool sweater for $80 and we were sold. Having forgot his jacket somewhere last winter, Dirty Handsome picked up a smart jacket that was cut close enough to wear over slacks and a shirt, but tough enough to weather the occasional Los Angeles winter rain storm. It looked great from early in the morning as the first breezes of fall blew well into late New York nights when bars never seem to close.

Functional, colorful, affordable – perfect, no? We thought the only way to get your hands on the clothes was to visit the flagship store in Soho, but while digging for its address we found that you may be able to order over the telephone (877 4-UNIQLO). Otherwise, put it on your docket for your next Handsome East Coast romp.

BONUS – for fun, check out Uniqlo’s Clio award winning Uniqlock campaign. It’s a mesmerizing clock featuring a group of random Japanese ballerina’s dancing their way through what looks like the world’s cleanest high school. Again, there are probably easier ways to find out what time it is in Tokyo, but if you’re already going to the robot, you might as well check the internet, too.

546 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
(between Prince St & Spring St)

Sympathy for the devil?

Sympathy for the devil?

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  1. Bret posted on September 30, 2008:

    Josh, Josh! You made the dreaded “it’s/its” typo!

    But also, what I really came here to say was:

    “what’s a robit?”

  2. Dirty Handsome posted on September 30, 2008:

    Fixed it! Blogging late at night is to the detriment of strict syntactical and grammatical adherence.

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