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Handsome Party – The Conduit of Power

When you're the Conduit of Power, you must j.k. livin'

"The 'J' is for 'Just'; the 'K' is for 'Keep'"

Per the request of a certain reader (we have readers?) – a photo from Sunset Junction. When Pretty Handsome and Dirty Handsome combine using the coveted Matthew McConaughey-provided J.K. Livin’ armbands, awesome things are bound to happen. Like road sodas, some rocking music, or photos where it sort of looks like Dirty Handsome has arm muscle (we have arm muscle?).

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  1. Mrs. H posted on September 16, 2008:

    You do have readers! Or, at the very least, readER…

  2. Bret posted on September 26, 2008:

    Make that at least TWO readers. God, you’re a handsome bastard. Alex, too, in his way.

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