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Handsome Recommends: Rochester Shoe Trees

Like dating: fill them every night and keep them shapely

Same advice for shoes and ladies: fill them every night and keep them shapely

Handsome Recommends: Rochester Shoe Trees. Men’s style is a head-to-toe affair, and men’s shoes are one of the most stylish, classic, and important investments you can make. It can be a hard investment to make – good shoes are expensive – and since men are children until the day they die they never really forget when they were growing up and needed a new pair of shoes every four months from age 12 until age whenever they got off their asses and became men.

Once you buy in, it’s important to protect that investment. Gentlemen, with all the shuffling about around the office, to lunch, to your transportation of choice, eating and what not, you inevitably start to sweat inside your nice shoes, break creases inside your nice shoes, and scuff your nice shoes. I know what you’re thinking –

“I am a fucktard.” This is true; however, there is a way to help preserve your shoes and make them easier to shine (you are shining your shoes, aren’t you?). Shoe trees are inserts that go in your shoes keeping them taut (but not stretched) in their best shape. This prevents creases and makes them easier to shine. Most shoe trees are made of cedar, which protects the leather by naturally wicking out moisture. A bonus feature of cedar is it’s pleasant odor, which will keep your shoes smelling like a freshly-cleaned hamster cage or a sawmill in old Vermont insted of a stinking pile of hot summer garbage on a street in New York you hatefully created during your soul-crushing day at work. We recommend Rochester Shoe Trees – they’ve been making shoe strees since the 1930′s right here in America using American trees, Amercian crafstmanship, and American awesome.

Dirty Handsome has been using trees in his loafers and his cap toes or a few months and is still surprised at how good they like. Granted, what fills the shoes is so damned good looking it’d be hard to go wrong, but at least with shoe trees he can inch his smug up just a little more knowing he’s protected his investment. Shouldn’t we all be as smug?

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