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Hurricane Gustav: We’re Stupidly Over It

Set your sophomoric joke phasers to stun

Set your sophomoric joke phasers to stun

That’s my mom’s house… You done yet? Because my mom is a really nice lady and probably didn’t deserve that. Grow up.

Hurricane Gustav roared ashore Monday and made “landfall” in Cocodrie, Louisiana down the bayou near Houma and Port Fouchon. I’ve been to these places – small Louisiana towns out at the end of a dirt road that some oil company or shimp boat captain built way down some chenier or levee. The hurricane turned northward and pounded Baton Rouge harder than LSU fans pound Abita at a tailgate. My brother reported that 94mph winds were recorded at his office at Dow. Trees were down, power was out, and roads were impassible; my father couldn’t even go check on Ms. Sarah because of power lines.

Hurricane Gustav: we’re stupidly over you. Think this disaster is too far away to affect you? Not so, Handsome Faithful (yes, it’s capitalized). I planned on using all my blogging energy on covering Sunset Junction, Los Angeles restaurant reviews, and some classic Handsome Party. Instead, I was pouring forth all my effort and worry into covering the hurricane and relief efforts at TakePart. Feel free to check it out to see what the storm was like. Haters make the best lovers, so turn your hate against the storm into something positive by checking out ways you can TakePart to help the people of Louisiana.

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  1. eeyun posted on September 3, 2008:

    Gustav was very, very un-handsome.

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