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Handsome Drinks – Sacramento Valley Verdelho

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
Verdehlo augmented the usual summer reds at this outing

At this outing, verdelho augmented the usual summer reds

Dirty Handsome and Pretty Handsome are fortunate enough to live near Silverlake Wine (sic), a very good Los Angeles wine store stocking only small production and unusual wines. While provisioning for our recent Trainzaganza ’08 outing (more on that later), we stumbled upon a bottle of Dancing Coyote’s 2006 Verdelho from Clarksburg on the Sacramento Delta. We immediately bought the bottle, as it had been years since we’d seen a verdelho on shelves this side of the Pacific.

Verdelho is a crisp white grape originally hailing from Madeira in Portugal (Portugo!); it’s dry, citrusy taste is a pitch perfect, very welcome polar opposite to buttery California chardonnays. (Read on …)

Broken Social Scene Continues to Handsomely Rock Our World

Friday, August 8th, 2008
"Please remember your homework on Monday" - Prof. Canning

"Please remember your homework on Monday" - Prof. Canning

Broken Social Scene‘s Brendan Canning’s “Something For All of Us” is the second album in Broken Social Scene’s ongoing series of letting one of their near three million members take the lead on their own album. Their first try, Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew’s “Spirit If…“, was an excellent foray into loud, erratic, uneven, completely phenomenal Dinosaur Jr. homage (or Dinosaur Jr. partnership in the case of the single “Backed Out on the…”).  Something For All of Us is more even, a little quieter, put together – but not overproduced – completely phenomenal Dinosaur Jr. homage. Also awesome? Brendan Canning looks like a washed up community college professor.

The first single, “Hit the Wall” (video after the jump) is a solid song that begins to creep up on you after a view listenings when you realize the key change after minute three rocks your goddamned balls off. (Read on …)

Handsome Recommends: Sternly Worded Letters

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
This is how Corporate America made us feel tonight

Corporate America: this is how you made us feel tonight.

Be honest with yourself – Corporate America is running your life. You buy necessary items from them; you buy what they sell you; you buy with money they pay you; you rebel against the things you don’t like because it lulls you into a sense of deep complacency about your unholy, abusive, kind of kinky relationship with Corporate America.

How can you Handsomely strike back? Easy – molotov cocktails sternly worded letters. Old fashioned? (Read on …)

Our Handsome Take on the Bellini

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Drinking is an important part of being Handsome, for better or worse. It puts a smile on our face and keeps our lawyas busy as hell. One of an ongoing series of recipes, lamentations, and observations about drinking.

All the makings for Handsome Bellinis

All the makings for Handsome Bellinis

Recently, Dr. Handsome’s wife noted on Sunday afternoon at 4pm when we were watching a movie on Tivo and had accomplished many feats earlier that day (eaten fast food, napped, complained about feeling like death) that “we needed a hobby.” We thought we already had a pretty great hobby, but apparently she meant something other than drinking ourselves silly and dancing like idiots.

We’re still working on that (college football is still at least 24 days away), but in the meantime I managed to invent a pretty amiable summer drink. (Read on …)

Palate in Glendale – Handsome Eats

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Handsome Eats is an ongoing series of posts helping you eat Handsomely. Feel free to use this as a reference for good location for dates, celebration, and general indulgence of your inner Handsome.

A view from the table at the bar up front

A view from the table at the bar up front

Last week a dear friend was in town going through the grueling process of taking the bar.  As Handsome gents we can always use more lawyas around, so to celebrate the end of the bar exam we had dinner at Palate Food and Wine in Glendale. We’d heard about Palatte from a few sites on the internets and I took the initiative to try something new that was close by (which isn’t to say we’re not anything but delighted by Canele down the street in Atwater).

Palate has a few things going for it – take chef Octavio Becerra for instance. We support talented folks getting an opportunity to prove themselves; Octavio is a Patina alum breaking out on his own. And he does it well – the wine store in the back of the restaurant is well curated, I love the idea of the communal tables, and the main dining room is just classy enough without being stuffy. (Read on …)

Handsome Party – I Just Wanna Dance

Monday, August 4th, 2008

This is our first Handsome Party post – one in an ongoing series of photos proving that Handsome people actually do have a better time than the ‘normals.’

No girls, no drama - we just wanna DANCE!

No girls, no drama - we just wanna dance.