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Sunset Junction – Updates on the Way

Suffice to say, it was that type of weekend

Suffice to say, it was this type of weekend

We’re working to get our house back to some semblance of the normal mess we live with as opposed to the expensive rental mess we had over the weekend. Our Sunset Junction roundup is coming, inlcuding:

  • Our review of Broken Social Scene’s performance
  • Other festival reviews and commentary
  • Instructions for frying a turkey
  • Cocktail suggestions for summer parties
  • Of course, some special Junction-themed Handsome Party
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  1. henry joyner posted on August 29, 2008:

    we’re sitting in the family dining room in Pelican looking at this really cool website. My only suggestion is that you start offering real cajun recipes like pig tripe in sauce piquante. this fried turkey thing looks pretty tame in comparison. Wish you were here. Going out tomorrow to put out deer stands so we can kill Bambi later this fall. LSU football opens tomorrow and hunting season just around the corner. God it’s great to be in Louisiana.

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