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Sunset Junction – Our Jams Preview

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Sunset Junction, the annual street fair in Silver Lake bringing together indie rock bands, Bugaboo traffic, and men on leashes, is just around the corner (of a confusing 5 way Silver Lake intersections). We’ll be blogging and tweeting from the festival. Below are our music recommendations for the festival…


  • Broken Social Scene – As we mentioned before, we’re very, very excited to see our favorite band play just blocks from our house. Their new album is great, they’re wonderful live, and seeing them for $15 instead of having to pony up like $40 to see them open for some other band or to sqeeze into the old seats at the Orpheum is a great deal.
  • The Silver Lake Music Conservatory kids – these kids are nothing but entertainment. They’re excited to perform, they’re way cooler than you were when you were their age, they’re way cooler than you are now, and the performances range from rock bands to accordions.
  • Jonathan Rice – a little mellow, but puts on a good show and will hopefully exploit this to prove he can service a bigger audience
  • Radars to the Sky – I have no idea who these folks are, but their name is awesome, like they’ve got missiles or some type of robot.


  • Voxhaul Broadcast – we don’t know much about them because we’re lame and don’t get our much, but our pal Em helps out with them. And we support Em.
  • !!! – Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard is an epic jam that has yet to lose its appeal. Show up drunk and dance like and idiot – this WAS the band that helped make it OK for indie kids to dance again (ironically).
  • Kinky – Kinky is a Mexican party band that’s like a slightly toned down Plastalina Mosh. They also play that major jam fest of a song they play every week at the intro to Sounds Eclectic.

Click here for full perfomance schedule

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  1. pjk posted on August 22, 2008:

    So. Is Sunset Junction kid-friendly at all? Cuz I am with child this weekend, but love a party, as does she.

  2. Dirty Handsome posted on August 22, 2008:

    Very kid friendly! There’s rides, booths, snacks, music, and all manner of other families around. The only thing you have to worry about is Dr. Handsome’s wife, who inexplicably (but infallibly) gets a case of Tourette’s around children.

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