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What up Lawya? Nicole Parra Loses Her Office

From the desk of Nicole Parra (now across the street)

From the desk of Nicole Parra (now across the street)

The state budget of California remains at a standstill, so what are our fair legislators working on? If you said “the 2008 California Budget,” you’re wrong. When a recent draft of the budget went to vote, Nicole Parra (D – Hanford) was kicked out of her office as punishment. And not just downgraded to smaller quarter a la “we’re no longer the majority party” style – Nicole was kicked across the street.

Oh snap! Dismissed from office (literally) – call your lawya: “Best review my contract, barrister. I’m still majority party, lawya! Working on getting it passed to my constituents.” Nicole – we wish you were busy getting your act together. Hell, we’re to the point we think every elected offical in California is a no talent ass clown as this point (excpet Michael Machado – who we simultaneously fear and wildly respect). Beyond that, Nicole, stand up for yourself and do what any American would do: file suit and mount a massive PR campaign to try the case in the court of the public. Demand your office back! Have your lawya file that everyone else be put in contempt for cramping your freedom of speech and/or representing your constituents. File for an office continuance, counsel!

For seriously – get your act together California representatives, or I’ll call my team of lawyas. We don’t know much about politics, but this seems ridiculous. Constituents want a budget, and reps’ faithful staffs and state workers (some of whom are also our only readers – what up Sac Town? What up lawyas?!) have been working thier butts off while you worry about petty shit like whose office goes where.

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  1. eeyun posted on August 20, 2008:

    Rise up handsome!!! Riiiiise up!

  2. pjk posted on August 22, 2008:

    Lawya up!

    Time for the montage of legal utility belts and legal pads clicking into action. Someone’s bout 2 get pwned.

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