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Handsome Recommends: James Turrell’s Dividing the Light

Art: robot sky versus god sky. Fight!

Art: robot sky versus god sky. Fight!

As promised, a quick recap from Trainzaganza 2008. Once a year Dirty Handsome organizes a train trip to remind everyone that train travel is genteel (more on that later) and that on train trips you can drink as much as you want. Last Saturday we returned to two member’s alma mater Pomona College to view James Turrell’s skyspace “Dividing the Light.” James Turrell is a light artist, which naturally made us a little nervous because that’s a bullshit title like “design athlete” or “yoga instructor.” Also, sometimes it gets hot in Claremont, but we figured it was best to check it out befure students returned as Pretty Handsome is something of a liability around younger women.

Dividing the Light is a courtyard covered by a square canopy illuminated by a series of (environmentally friendly) LEDs. Pictures and more after the jump…The canopy runs through a program where it illuminates in different colors to compliment and contrast the sky as the sun sets or rises. The entire show lasts about an hour and is nothing short of stunning.  Elegant in its simplicity, the canopy’s lights mask and change the the color of the sky as it changes itself. Hint: be sure to stay until the very, very end.  We recommend going sunset because it isn’t so hot and you don’t have to be up and in Claremont at the ass crack of dawn; similarly, the courtyard faces west and there’s a building immediately behind it to the east, so we imagine sunset is the best.

In addition to the art exhibit, we had an excellent Metrolink train ride, squeezed in sangria and tapas at Viva Madrid, checked out the new wine store in the fancy Village West, and had some fries and cocktails at The Press. We even found a conveniently open ladies restroom at the campus center so we were all set on that front. It was nice to enjoy the beauty of campus half drink without feeling entirely like a sketchy alumni.

The show at Dividing the Light runs every evening and morning starting 20 minutes before sunset or sunrise and lasts an hour. In case you couldn’t get your act together and make the show, there’s a short burst of color on the hour every hour in between sunset and sunrise.

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