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Handsome Eats is an ongoing series of posts helping you eat Handsomely. Feel free to use this as a reference for good location for dates, celebration, and general indulgence of your inner Handsome.

A view from the table at the bar up front

A view from the table at the bar up front

Last week a dear friend was in town going through the grueling process of taking the bar.  As Handsome gents we can always use more lawyas around, so to celebrate the end of the bar exam we had dinner at Palate Food and Wine in Glendale. We’d heard about Palatte from a few sites on the internets and I took the initiative to try something new that was close by (which isn’t to say we’re not anything but delighted by Canele down the street in Atwater).

Palate has a few things going for it – take chef Octavio Becerra for instance. We support talented folks getting an opportunity to prove themselves; Octavio is a Patina alum breaking out on his own. And he does it well – the wine store in the back of the restaurant is well curated, I love the idea of the communal tables, and the main dining room is just classy enough without being stuffy.

We were seated about 20 minutes late, but everyone on staff (especially the guy who looks like The Dude) were very pleasant. We started with three cheeses from three different animals and some champagne to celebrate the end of the test. My colleague had the bacon wrapped rabbit – an amazing very unkosher expression of awesome – and I had the lamb, which was succelent and tasted just as cute as I’d imagined. All in all, we covered five different mammals and four wines – in your face you goddamned hippies. Everything was top notch, including the service, the crispness of the white table cloth, and the vast feeling of superiority from enjoying fine wine and multiple animals at once.

Verdict: recommended

Tip: free wine tastings at the wine bar in back every Saturday from 2-5pm through August

A selection of reds from the Palate wine store

A selection of reds from the Palate wine store

The lamb at Palate - succulent, tender, adorable

The lamb at Palate - succulent, tender, adorable

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  2. Barbara Galt posted on August 18, 2008:

    We made reservations a week in advance and waited twenty minutes and then left.
    too bad, we had heard such good things but I will never know.
    It would of been nice to receive a glass a wine or some attention but no one seem to have cared. So much for a nice anniversary dinner!

  3. Dirty Handsome posted on August 18, 2008:

    So sorry to hear it didn’t go well! If it’s any consolation we pushed our reservation back to 9pm to be sure we’d make it after a long work day. Then we got there and had to wait 20 minutes for our table… guess they’re still working out the kinks.

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