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Our Handsome Take on the Bellini

Drinking is an important part of being Handsome, for better or worse. It puts a smile on our face and keeps our lawyas busy as hell. One of an ongoing series of recipes, lamentations, and observations about drinking.

All the makings for Handsome Bellinis

All the makings for Handsome Bellinis

Recently, Dr. Handsome’s wife noted on Sunday afternoon at 4pm when we were watching a movie on Tivo and had accomplished many feats earlier that day (eaten fast food, napped, complained about feeling like death) that “we needed a hobby.” We thought we already had a pretty great hobby, but apparently she meant something other than drinking ourselves silly and dancing like idiots.

We’re still working on that (college football is still at least 24 days away), but in the meantime I managed to invent a pretty amiable summer drink. It all started at the farmer’s market on Saturday while I was perusing for fresh produce and hipster women. One of the stands had what was advertised as a pluot, but may also have been an aprium, but we’re not getting into it w/ farmer’s and linguist unless the former brings their daughters and the latter’s title is always proceeded by ‘cunning.’ A pluot (or whatever) is an unholy but delicious cross of a plum and an apricot. I purchased a few not knowing that we’d be responsible for dinner that evening (quorum of the Association present, of course) and jumped at the opportunity to use them.

At first I thought of grilling them like plums, but that had no alcohol in it. Instead I thought we could grab some Califronia sparkling wine (keep it local, people) and make a twist on a bellini, a classic Italian cocktail traditionally made with pureed white peaches and prosecco. Recipe is simple – grate some pluquots into an empty champagne flute. Simply pour a healthy dose of sparkling wine over to pure and enjoy. Tasty.

PS – you’ll notice in the image above that we sabered the bottle of sparkling wine. Opening bottles with large blades is easily the most hardcore, super awesome, not girly-bullshit way to gain access to booze. Man up and go for it.

The results

Sabering the results

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  1. eeyun posted on August 6, 2008:

    Bravo Handsome!

    We will grab some local northern peaches, or maybe nectarines and let you know how it goes.

    The great thing about sabering the bottle of bubbly is that not only does it provide access to the goodness inside in the most interesting and handsome of ways, but it also engenders a weapon capable of striking fear into even the most tight-pantsed of hipsters who might have followed you from the market.

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