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Handsome Party – I Just Wanna Dance

This is our first Handsome Party post – one in an ongoing series of photos proving that Handsome people actually do have a better time than the ‘normals.’

No girls, no drama - we just wanna DANCE!

No girls, no drama - we just wanna dance.

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  1. Summer Cocktail Ideas - Our Take on the Classic Bellini | Big Handsome posted on August 5, 2008:

    [...] Recently, a Dr. Handsome’s wife noted on Sunday afternoon at 4pm when we were watching a movie on Tivo and had accomplished many feats earlier that day (eaten fast food, napped, complained about feeling like death) that “we needed a hobby.” We thought we already had a pretty great hobby, but apparently she meant something other than drinking ourselves silly and dancing like idiots. [...]

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