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Handsome Lessons in Frying Turkeys

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
This is the safe result you're looking for

This is the safe result you're looking for

As we alluded to in our first post, few things are more handsome than frying turkey. Below is our step-by-step recipe for cajun fried turkey. Of all the Thanksgiving turkey recipes out there, we promise that this one will impress relatives and be one of the easiest Thanksgivings you’ll ever have (…or tailgates, or parties, or whatevers).

Now I know what your wives, girlfriends, and (in our case) Handsome Association members’ girlfriends and wives will be all complaining and concerned about things like “safety” or “fire” or “a bobbing smoking turkey causing a cascading tide of oil spilling on your flesh.” Of course frying a turkey is dangerous and extreme. Why? Because everything awesome is DANGEROUS AND EXTREME. Like Powerthirst, for instance. There are 2 very simple steps to ensure that the process is as safe as lifting and basting a 20lb turkey in a 400 degree box. Recipe (with pictures from our Sunset Junction street fair fry!) after the jump. (Read on …)

Handsome Drinks – Infusing Tequila

Monday, August 25th, 2008
It all starts so innocently

It all starts so innocently

When the Sunset Junction festival comes to town, it’s Handsome to dig up some drink recipes and put on a show. Summer cocktail recipes come and go – oftentimes you get something too complicated, too sweet, or vodka cocktail recipes. For Sunset Junction 2008 we took a cue from WASPy Handsome and infused our own tequila.

Infused tequila has many advantages that other party drinks (try finding martini recipes that are this easy). (Read on …)

Sunset Junction – Updates on the Way

Monday, August 25th, 2008
Suffice to say, it was that type of weekend

Suffice to say, it was this type of weekend

We’re working to get our house back to some semblance of the normal mess we live with as opposed to the expensive rental mess we had over the weekend. Our Sunset Junction roundup is coming, inlcuding:

  • Our review of Broken Social Scene’s performance
  • Other festival reviews and commentary
  • Instructions for frying a turkey
  • Cocktail suggestions for summer parties
  • Of course, some special Junction-themed Handsome Party

Sunset Junction – Our Jams Preview

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

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Sunset Junction, the annual street fair in Silver Lake bringing together indie rock bands, Bugaboo traffic, and men on leashes, is just around the corner (of a confusing 5 way Silver Lake intersections). We’ll be blogging and tweeting from the festival. Below are our music recommendations for the festival… (Read on …)

Handsome Party – a Salute to Dr. Larry Tremblay

Thursday, August 21st, 2008
Fans at Dodgers Stadium Celebrate Dr. Larry Tremblay

Fans at Dodgers Stadium Celebrate Dr. Larry Tremblay

What up Lawya? Nicole Parra Loses Her Office

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
From the desk of Nicole Parra (now across the street)

From the desk of Nicole Parra (now across the street)

The state budget of California remains at a standstill, so what are our fair legislators working on? If you said “the 2008 California Budget,” you’re wrong. When a recent draft of the budget went to vote, Nicole Parra (D – Hanford) was kicked out of her office as punishment. And not just downgraded to smaller quarter a la “we’re no longer the majority party” style – Nicole was kicked across the street.

Oh snap! Dismissed from office (literally) – call your lawya: “Best review my contract, barrister. I’m still majority party, lawya! Working on getting it passed to my constituents.” (Read on …)

Handsome Party – This is Exhausting

Thursday, August 14th, 2008
All this reading is making us tired

All this reading is making us tired

Between working hard, playing hard, and doing our best drinking, eating, and style research for this little side project, we occasionally find ourselves completely exhausted. Nothing puts you to sleep like a good book and a comfy chair (we’re looking forward to football season…).

Handsome Eats Update – Palate Gets 3 Stars

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
We concur - the lamb was succulent and cute.

We concur - the lamb was succulent and adorable.

Using the less-than-kind (but justified – FACE!) subhead “3 stars in Glendale?” LA Times food critic Irene Virbila gave Palate Food + Wine three stars. To put this in perspective, critical favorite AOC has three stars and the insanely popular newcomer Fraiche only has two and a half. As we noted in our Handsome review, we were nothing short of enthusiastic about Palate Food + Wine and wish the chef and crew their the best.

Also remember – only two weeks left for their complimentary tasting Saturdays from 2-5pm.

Handsome Recommends: James Turrell’s Dividing the Light

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
Art: robot sky versus god sky. Fight!

Art: robot sky versus god sky. Fight!

As promised, a quick recap from Trainzaganza 2008. Once a year Dirty Handsome organizes a train trip to remind everyone that train travel is genteel (more on that later) and that on train trips you can drink as much as you want. Last Saturday we returned to two member’s alma mater Pomona College to view James Turrell’s skyspace “Dividing the Light.” James Turrell is a light artist, which naturally made us a little nervous because that’s a bullshit title like “design athlete” or “yoga instructor.” Also, sometimes it gets hot in Claremont, but we figured it was best to check it out befure students returned as Pretty Handsome is something of a liability around younger women.

Dividing the Light is a courtyard covered by a square canopy illuminated by a series of (environmentally friendly) LEDs. Pictures and more after the jump… (Read on …)

Handsome Observation – Worst Protest Ever

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
Apparently this is NOT the most protestable thing about Tropic Thunder

Apparently this is NOT the most offensive thing about Tropic Thunder

Tonight heading to my UCLA Extension class in Westwood I noticed the neighborhood was abuzz. Yep, it was another movie premiere – this time the new Ben Stiller directed Tropic Thunder. In addition to the usual hordes of camera waving tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, there was also a group of protesters screaming across the road at the red carpet. What were they protesting? I wasn’t certain, but while I circled the premiere several times following my Irish instinct to never pay for parking ever, I put it together that the crowd was protesting the portrayal of the disabled in the film.

Whiskey tango foxtrot?! (Read on …)