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Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment: Over It

Microsoft's Mojave Experiment Teaser Page

Microsoft's Mojave Experiment Teaser Page

How does Handsome do it? How can we already be over something that hasn’t launched yet? First of all, knowledge isn’t just power, it’s Handsome. We found out about the Mojave Experiment from a Twitter feed we follow (check out our 140 character rants if you’re up to it) and did a little research about its origins. Microsoft ran a program where users tried the new Windows ‘Mojave’ operating system, but (gotcha!) it’s just Vista. And apparently, the test subjects liked it.

We’re over it. Listen Microsoft, Vista sucks, but it’s not just Vista that did it. It was years of sloppy, unorganized product development, rushed releases, never ending security problems, and buggy operations that steered us away. Throw in a brand new visual language with no option to use a classic mode or easing into it and you’re right, we’re not satisfied w/ Vista (Big Handsome is currently running an all-Apple operation).

Credit where credit is due – we ran a powerful XP machine for over a year at work and it worked just fine. Also, Windows Server 2003 is a great OS that I’d use to run everything. However, this late in the game after your fledging competitor has been skewering you in the national media, a crappy overdone viral marketing campaign is NOT going to save you. Neither is a $300m contract with an aggressively hip ad agency. We’re bored with big companies spending money to look like they weren’t spending money just as bored as we are with women spending hundreds of dollars on sweatpants to look homeless.

Nope – it’s sucking it up, realizing your an industry leader, and starting to act like one by making groundbreaking, reliable products.

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