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Handsome Recommends: Stayclip Collar Stays

Handsome Recommends is an ongoing series of profiling ‘stuff and things’ certain to keep you as Handsome as possible (which in our case is nothing short of ‘very’).

Stay crisp and fresh - collar stays

Stay crisp and fresh - collar stays

Handsome Recommends: Stayclip collar stays. You know those little plastic pieces that dress shirts come with inside the collars? These are not to be tossed aside with all of the other extraneous pins, paper, and plastic that your dress shirts come with. They’re collar stays – a nice, simple touch that’ll keep you looking dapper all day long. And as any modern gentleman knows, anything that keeps you looking like you’ve been ironing without actually involving ironing is worth further investigation.

Problem is this – keeping these little buggers straight can be complicated. Each pair goes with a different shirt, even varying within a certain brand. They’re small enough to lose into the folds of luggage – even worse, small enough to forget to pack them at all (…easy way to look likeĀ  slouch at a wedding). Worst of all, if you forget to take them out of your shirt they’ll curl in the drier, rendering them useless.*

Enter Stayclip Collar Stays. These handsome stays (or collar bones as they’re occasionally/awesomely known) are made of metal, and as everyone knows, metal in a shirt makes your more manly. The author recommends the brushed steel, but they come in all manner of metal. They don’t curl, but you can bend them should your collar require it. The set recommended comes in a variety of shapes and has a handy organizer that you hang by your shirts (and can take traveling) so you don’t forget to take them out. But fuck it – steel doesn’t melt in the drier, it shines like American freedom.

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  1. Nick posted on July 30, 2008:

    Or you can just go poor man’s style and use a damn paperclip!
    Take with you traveling…Duh
    Can you even buy a hard time?

  2. trembles posted on July 30, 2008:

    Very resourceful, Mr. Nick. It’s very Handsome to think on the fly and improvise as such – thanks for the great tip.

    And yes, we buy can a hell of a hard time.

  3. Collar Stays posted on October 6, 2010:

    These things are terrific. They are more rigid than the plastic ones and give you a nice sharp look. I have already thrown all of my old plastic ones away because these collar stays are so good.Collar Stays

  4. cs posted on January 12, 2011:

    shit…I just threw those out on a shirt.

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