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Handsome Eats: Street Meat at Taco Zone

This is the first in an ongoing series of posts about Handsome’s love affair with eats. We’re starting with a classic and will do our best to keep you informed about places and things to eat. 


For better or worse, this picture is from Valentine's Day

For better or worse, this is on Valentine's Day

Taco Zone in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood has certainly been covered, debated, reviewed, and discussed ad nauseam both online and on the skinny lips of skinny hipsters.  That’s fine, but was any of this noise Handsome? Probably not Handsome enough, so here’s our take: We. Love. Taco. Zone. 

Does ‘the Zone’ have it’s drawbacks? Of course – the lines just seem to get longer, the patrons are getting more annoying, they run out of carne asada late at night (which borders on tragic depending on how inebriated you are), and once on Thanksgiving night when we were absolutely starving and dying for food and everything was closed the truck wasn’t there. A well deserved break, but we had been on such an amazing journey it’s tough to forget. 

But Taco Zone still has a few very important strengths: it’s delicious, it’s cheap, the service is always friendly, and the crowd really isn’t as annoying as someone would suggest (we’re waiting for some hipster to remark that they ‘liked Taco Zone’s earlier work better’). I usually opt for a burrito, but the tacos and quesadillas are all equally delicious.

Also, the anecdotes and stories are too great:


  • Late one night I got nearly run down by a very drunk junior associate lawyer from some firm downtown – I’ve never seen anyone with a more impressive Asian glow or talk so fast so drunk
  • I took the Canadians there after we got back from a raucous bachelor party
  • My little brother almost gave up Taco Bell for good after eating there for the first time
  • A close friend and I sat in the plastic folding chairs and pounded 24oz cans of Miller something-or-another waiting for a show to start at the Echo. The whole time these three teenagers made disparaging comments about how many white people there are in Echo Park now and how gentrification is ruining their neighborhood. After all that they asked us to buy them booze, we declined, and they sped off in a new VW Beetle. 


So give it a shot – give into the Zone.

Taco Zone

1342 N. Alvarado St (occasionally is inside the Vons’ parking lot)

Los Angeles, CA 90026

7pm-2am (weekdays) -3am (weekends)

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  1. Matute posted on July 30, 2008:


  2. eeyun posted on July 30, 2008:

    As noted, Handsome North approves this endorsement. The north sadly lacks taco trucks, and when I’m done grad school, I’m probably going to start one by Kits beach to pay the bills.

  3. Schwartz posted on August 18, 2008:

    This establishment gets my highest rating: Four taco-flavored kisses.

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