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Ugo Wine Bar – They Have a Wine Robot

The Wine Robot in Question

Most Los Angeles wine bars have a few endemic problems: patrons are being snobby about something they don’t know much about, the glasses of wine aren’t cheap enough to facilitate trying multiple wines you wouldn’y just pony up the $20 for, and there’s a distinct lack of robots. Ugo Wine Bar solves at least the latter of the issues but employing (enslaving?) an Enomatic wine dispensing robot.

The Enomatic is a machine that allows you to pour perfectly measured tastes (NOT glasses) of wine from an array of bottles. The bottles are filled with argon so that the wine never oxidizes and spoils while waiting for you to take off the skirt and drink like you’re Handsome. Like anything with robots, Ugo is automatically cooler for having one. Beyond that, the machine only puts out an ounce at a time, just enough to sip and try more than a few wines without losing all sense of taste and dignity. The system is even more fun because you load up a card with money and then use the card to dispense. There are only a few outcomes for this:

  • You try something expensive just to finish the card
  • You forget how much you put on the card and drink like it’s an open bar
  • You and your friends race to see who can finish the card first

The robot also makes for a good date place – you and your date can spend plenty of time aimlessly wandering around, looking at all the labels, switching off whose turn it is to pick the wine, feeding the robot your shameless blood money, then laboriously pretending to compare tasting notes while actually flirting. And averting the gaze of our robot masters.

Ugo Wine Bar

3865 Cardiff Ave.

Culver City, CA 90232

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  1. eeyun posted on July 30, 2008:

    They have sushi bars around Vancity where robots make the sushi. The sushi at these eateries is typically terrible though. I’m glad to see food robots being put to such handsome use!

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  4. Angela posted on December 24, 2008:

    This used to be a favorite place to go and bring out of town guests…at least until my party & I were verbally assaulted by the Manager minutes before they were closing tonight. Our party of 8 had spent a good 3 hours there, not to mention a good amount of money, when one of us tried to order something to eat. She was told the kitchen was closed – we were not aware of that prior, nor were we warned it was closing. Being 110 lbs. & full of wine, she went across the street & brought back a small order of mac & cheese to eat & soak up some of the alcohol. She was nearly finished when the Manager approached us stating how ‘DISRESPECTFUL!!!’ it was to bring in food from another restaurant. He was correct to a point, but the manner & tone in which he was speaking to us was COMPLETELY unnecessary & totally astounded us all! We really thought he was joking at first because he was that ridiculous. We tried to apologize or at least defend ourselves from the verbal blows, but he was RELENTLESS! His tirade lasted nearly 30 minutes. I am still in shock that it actually happened because his manner was so uncalled for & assaulting. Usually, people try to accommodate customers, not embarrass, threaten, & belittle them. We’re not the type of people that are difficult or rude or ANYTHING like that…I’ve spent plenty of years in the service industry to know that his manner was completely out of line, especially for a manager…it totally blew us away & shocked us into tears LITERALLY! The other servers we had prior to ‘the king’ were great & actually apologized to me for his behavior…I guess this happens often? I am sick to my stomach from it & can’t sleep now. Thank you Manager w/ the dark hair & glasses…wish I would have gotten your name….but I am posting this everywhere I can

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