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Welcome to Handsome – The First Post

Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Welcome to Big Handsome – The Official Blog of the Handsome Association.  Some time ago in a drunken, arrogant haze we decided that we would be The Handsome Association; in doing so we cemented three key principles:

  1. Going forward we would always refer to ourselves as the Handsome Assocation, and never something pedestrian like ‘my group of guy friends’
  2. We would refer to the Association as much as possible to irritate members’ girlfriends (should they have or keep them at all)
  3. We would slowly work on a vernacular and doctrine that is evolving into the blog you’re reading today

Henceforth, we set out into the world of Los Angeles and beyond to live as gentlemen, to better ourselves, to explore, and to run down all haters at any given costs. Posts will be divided into categories:

  • Dapper – being handsome takes work… for plebians other than ourselves. Check out these tips.
  • Dating – because being handsome alone is a waste of a non-renewable resource
  • Drinks – as you’ll come to see, we enjoy a tipple now and again (ALWAYS)
  • Eats – from taco trucks to jackets required, we keep you on the up and up of how to sustain your handsome
  • Jams – Music reviews and recommendations
  • Handsome Recommends – recommendations to improve you livelihood and wellbeing
  • Handsome Party – occasionally we’ll post mildly embarrassing pictures of members partying. Enjoy.
  • Over It – We’re handsome (and Handsome), but some things are just plain ugly. Here are things we’re over – feel free to move on with us.
  • What up lawya? – Some would think that gents as perfect as us do not make mistakes. Not so; in fact, since we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most, we feel we make more mistakes than the average assclown.  When we make mistakes, we often seek the advice and counsel of our must trusted advisors – our lawyas.

In closing, I leave you with “The First Song” by Band of Horses, celebrating our first posts here at Big Handsome. Thanks for reading.

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