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West Hollywood’s Editorial and Metaphysical Crisis

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
The "coyote" in question

The "coyote" in question

Walking down from 302 stop San V and Sunset to the office the other day I passed through a West Hollywood neighborhood going through an intense crisis: a coyote had been spotted in their neighborhood. While the rest of the rich white people were behind locked doors clutching their designer handbags and designer handbag sized dogs, one person decided to be a good neighbor and warn their fellow citizens about the danger.

There were nearly 100 posters like this (click on the image to see the full poster) on every vertical surface in an otherwise quiet three block area. The best part, beyond the poster’s lack of punctuation, is the caption below the photo: This is a picture of a coyote not the one spotted. This is where the real crisis set in. (Read on …)

Observations – a New Category for Big Handsome

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
This is one of at least 5 mistakes I've made

One of at least six mistakes I've made

I saw something humorous on the walk from the 302 bus (yes, public transit in Los Angeles) to the office the other day and was inspired to write about it. Unfortunately, there was no category that encompassed these day to day happenings that I thought deserved attention for whatever reason. I hemmed and hawed for a day or so, then remembered that I could just invent a new category:

  • Observations: Casual observations from our Handsome eyes

The result of the mistake above after the jump… (Read on …)

What up Lawya? Ted Stevens Gets Indicted

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

“What up lawya?” is an ongoing series examining moments where a man needs to seek the advice and counsel of someone we should always keep on retainer – your lawya.

He wont be this smug after dropping the soap.

He won't be this smug after dropping the soap.

Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) was indicted today on corruption charges for ‘making false claims.’ This is pretty awesome for a few reasons. First and foremost, the (very, very, very actually the oldest serving) senior senator is up for reelection this year against a strong Democratic candidate. Hell, he’s up against some other people in his party who in all likelihood less evil than Ted Stevens. Also, Senator Stevens’ actions over the past four decades have proven him to be very un-Handsome.

Like anyone in a pinch, Ted Stevens knows who to call: “What up, lawya? I know my rights; those are just some gifts, counsel.” What sort of false claims has he been busted for? Namely, that the internet is not a truck. WRONG. It is – an incredible truck with lots of pornography. (Read on …)

Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment: Over It

Monday, July 28th, 2008
Microsoft's Mojave Experiment Teaser Page

Microsoft's Mojave Experiment Teaser Page

How does Handsome do it? How can we already be over something that hasn’t launched yet? First of all, knowledge isn’t just power, it’s Handsome. We found out about the Mojave Experiment from a Twitter feed we follow (check out our 140 character rants if you’re up to it) and did a little research about its origins. Microsoft ran a program where users tried the new Windows ‘Mojave’ operating system, but (gotcha!) it’s just Vista. And apparently, the test subjects liked it.

We’re over it. Listen Microsoft, Vista sucks, but it’s not just Vista that did it. (Read on …)

Handsome Recommends: Stayclip Collar Stays

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Handsome Recommends is an ongoing series of profiling ‘stuff and things’ certain to keep you as Handsome as possible (which in our case is nothing short of ‘very’).

Stay crisp and fresh - collar stays

Stay crisp and fresh - collar stays

Handsome Recommends: Stayclip collar stays. You know those little plastic pieces that dress shirts come with inside the collars? These are not to be tossed aside with all of the other extraneous pins, paper, and plastic that your dress shirts come with. They’re collar stays – a nice, simple touch that’ll keep you looking dapper all day long. And as any modern gentleman knows, anything that keeps you looking like you’ve been ironing without actually involving ironing is worth further investigation.

Problem is this – keeping these little buggers straight can be complicated. (Read on …)

Handsome Eats: Street Meat at Taco Zone

Friday, July 25th, 2008

This is the first in an ongoing series of posts about Handsome’s love affair with eats. We’re starting with a classic and will do our best to keep you informed about places and things to eat. 


For better or worse, this picture is from Valentine's Day

For better or worse, this is on Valentine's Day

Taco Zone in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood has certainly been covered, debated, reviewed, and discussed ad nauseam both online and on the skinny lips of skinny hipsters.  That’s fine, but was any of this noise Handsome? Probably not Handsome enough, so here’s our take: We. Love. Taco. Zone. 

Does ‘the Zone’ have it’s drawbacks? Of course – the lines just seem to get longer, (Read on …)

Ugo Wine Bar – They Have a Wine Robot

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The Wine Robot in Question

Most Los Angeles wine bars have a few endemic problems: patrons are being snobby about something they don’t know much about, the glasses of wine aren’t cheap enough to facilitate trying multiple wines you wouldn’y just pony up the $20 for, and there’s a distinct lack of robots. Ugo Wine Bar solves at least the latter of the issues but employing (enslaving?) an Enomatic wine dispensing robot.

The Enomatic is a machine that allows you to pour perfectly measured tastes (NOT glasses) of wine from an array of bottles. (Read on …)

Brett Favre: We Are Officially Over It

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

This is the first in an ongoing series of things we’re over. Why are we over them? Because they’re ugly, they’re embarassing, they’re out of context, or they’re all around offensive. Enjoy.

Whiny bitches not allowed at training camp

Whiny bitches are not allowed at training camp

Despite the fact that should a certain member’s girlfriend ever find this point it could be grounds for termination, we are officially over Brett Favre. It all started with a heartfelt, teary-eyed retirement speech shortly after the Giants (who had defeated the Packers in a crushing, last minute win in the division championships) won their surpirse victory over the Patriots. I don’t care who you are, everyone has to feel for a Super Bowl-winning Old Yeller getting put out to pasture.

Then the rumors started… but these were expected, right? Nothing was going on in the NFL and a little old fashioned rumor mongering about a great-but-now-”retired” quarterback makes for good news when nothing is going on and the NBA playoffs haven’t started yet. In recent weeks you can’t turn on ESPN without coming across another ridiculous story about whether or not Favre would show up to training camp or what his value as an old man is on the market. (Read on …)

Welcome to Handsome – The First Post

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Lesson 1: Frying Turkey is Very Handsome

Welcome to Big Handsome – The Official Blog of the Handsome Association.  Some time ago in a drunken, arrogant haze we decided that we would be The Handsome Association; in doing so we cemented three key principles:

  1. Going forward we would always refer to ourselves as the Handsome Assocation, and never something pedestrian like ‘my group of guy friends’
  2. We would refer to the Association as much as possible to irritate members’ girlfriends (should they have or keep them at all)
  3. We would slowly work on a vernacular and doctrine that is evolving into the blog you’re reading today

Henceforth, we set out into the world of Los Angeles and beyond to live as gentlemen, to better ourselves, to explore, and to run down all haters at any given costs. Posts will be divided into categories: (Read on …)